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Strip Tree

Strip Trees

created and performed by Sara Anjo

video by Jacques-André Dupont

Cryptic Triptych an evening of dance solos at Tatwerk - Berlin

4 July 2015

Strip Trees is an extract of the ongoing collaboration between Shelley Etkin (performer and activist) and myself. It's a piece that develop a puzzle of verbal and physical states (de)constructing themes of nature and body, women and minorities. It deals with the consumption and exoticising of women's bodies from a historical perspective of women being essentially aligned with nature.

About the performance Shelley Etkin has written:

A bush woman conducting the wind.

Part tree, part woman, part animal, part ancestor. Sara builds breeze into storm through voice and body. Rustling leaves, our noses are met with the smell of green work, of movement, of transformation.

My body is my home. My body is my womb. My body is my room.

My body choice.

My body here.

I am transfixed as Sara morphs rhythm through song, words, breath. The ever-shaking tree woman. Moments of ecstasy coexisting with body hurts. Roaring smiles sweep through, fingers curl, face rides the rhythms of soft and strong.

The wild woman is here and shaking us up.

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