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Amsterdam Master of Choreography - 2nd seminar - January 2015

Experiencing an "ecology of practices" where we navigate as drifting, using the potency of the moment. We search for the dialectics of extra(ordinary) perception and in(out)doors work there is a development of a process based on absorbing knowledge, drifting, moving across, mixing up, fertilizing, contaminating, spying and stealing and then taking it forward, spreading it out, creating new constellations and further pollinations, flying from one experience to another, transferring valuable pollen and allowing unexpected fertilizations. There is a path, but no visible goal!

Photos by: Sher Doruff

2015-01-13 16.16.01.jpg
2015-01-13 16.15.14.jpg
2015-01-13 16.14.12.jpg
2015-01-13 15.57.25.jpg
2015-01-13 15.50.24.jpg

2015-01-12 15.17.57.jpg
2015-01-12 15.04.19.jpg
2015-01-12 14.20.34.jpg
2015-01-12 14.14.46.jpg

2015-01-12 14.18.45.jpg

Friday Lunch Performance

2015-01-16 14.28.19.jpg
2015-01-16 14.19.12.jpg
2015-01-16 14.30.15.jpg
2015-01-16 13.45.19.jpg

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