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Created for P.O.R.C.H. Choreographic Module

Documented by Kaytlan Stiles

Filmed, Edited and Performed by The House of Ia (Jillayne Hunter and Kb Thomason)

Voice: Sara Anjo

Project/Project was created as a natural response to co-creating whilst co-habitating (cooking, sleeping, witnessing, and interacting daily) with 20 performing artists for 3 weeks in rural Germany.

We began to notice a sort of perceptual breeding ground locating itself in the transitional spaces between and on the outskirts of a larger collective & creative process.

How do these perceptions of our selves inside of our creative process(es) affect and have an effect on the way we formulate our projections and the way we project ourselves unto our work and the works of others?

How do we communicate through the realms of projection in performing audience and performing artist?… What expectations arise in navigating these spaces? … How do the projections themselves exist as expectations?

The work was initially and specifically created for an audience made up of artists/performers who were present for the 3 week intensive and/or associated with Ponderosa and the P.O.R.C.H choreographic module.

By encapsulating the ways an artist may project themselves onto and through their work, witnessing this individualized and collective occurrence from another perspective, and projecting the outcome back onto the artist, Project/Project utilized conceptual and literal understandings of "projection" as site, medium and mode, arranging itself in cyclical experiencing.

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