Spring Equinox

The days are getting longer, the air milder, and the land’s plentifulness comes into view. The landscape is covered in fresh, bright green tones and the bodies filled with yearning. Chlorophyll sweeps across the land.

Traça I

Creation Mickaella Dantas in collaboration with Sara anjo

Performance and Camera Mickaella Dantas

Editing Joana Linda

Sound Design Artur Pispalhas

For this video we worked starting with the principle that in the beginning was the movement, life wrapped up in the Earth. Bodies, various and sundry, coalesced and rose until they stood, unsteadily, on their two feet, wavering and wobbling to keep their balance, since bodies are force fields traversed by a thousand vectors, stresses and strains, motions and commotions

Summer Solstice

The heat that permeates the day and the cool breeze that drifts at dusk are elementary things that transfigure the body's sensations throughout the summer. Cognition is always grounded on sensation.


Video Joana Linda

Performance Flora Détraz, Nádia Yracema and Sara Anjo

Sound Design Artur Pispalhas

In this video we worked with the premisse: "Walk to the outskirt. Stop. Walk along the outskirt. Stop. Stop in one spot. Stop and feel that you never stop. Walk along the edge. Stop on the edge. What makes you stop? Walk in between, somewhere in the middle. What is your middle, your midpoint?"