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These written scores with prompts for a set of actions open to free interpretation and grounded on the freedom and autonomy of those who will read and unravel them.

All bodies are in tune with the four seasons. They merge into them. These scores invite you to let yourself go, to attune with, and merge into, the ordinary and the extraordinary of nature. Observe it and enjoy the overwhelming pleasure of immersing yourself in it.

Walk. Loosen yourself. Let yourself go. In the beginning was the movement, life wrapped up in the Earth. Bodies, various and sundry, coalesced and rose until they stood, unsteadily, on their two feet, wavering and wobbling to keep their balance, since bodies are force fields traversed by a thousand vectors, stresses and strains, motions and commotions. What is your body made of? What is your synthesis? What is your rhythm? Is your spirit enraptured? Does your thought break down? Does your tender skin erupt and come apart?

This body of yours, this force of yours, has set you in motion, in fact, it has made you give into dance. At first, for the sheer pleasure of it, but ultimately as something that takes up your whole life, a vocation, a calling. From the moment you began to move, you lost your balance and ceased to be at peace with yourself, oscillating between all manner of troubles. You walk through that complex action that pushes the body into a continuous and perpetual pendulum, of falling and recovering. On the one hand, you want to find your balance, stop moving and let yourself be taken over by something. On the other hand, you want to measure the range of your ignorance and unearth another truth, stumble or step into it.

Design Joana Linda

Text Sara Anjo

Proofreading Ana Luísa Valdeira

Translation Miguel Cardoso

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