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Spring Equinox

The days are getting longer, the air milder, and the land’s plentifulness comes into view. The landscape is covered in fresh, bright green tones and the bodies filled with yearning. Chlorophyll sweeps across the land.

Sonic Piece I

"From humus the force"

by Artur Pispalhas

Summer Solstice

The heat that permeates the day and the cool breeze that drifts at dusk are elementary things that transfigure the body's sensations throughout the summer. Cognition is always grounded on sensation.

Sonic Piece II

"Rising Sky, Falling Ground"

by Artur Pispalhas

Autumn Equinox

Autumn is not only the time when leaves fall. The vital forces of all beings, ourselves included, also fall. The Milky Way becomes clearer in this period. Yet the Moon is the season’s engine. It moves you through the moon calendar and the rhythm of the tides.

Sonic Piece III


by Artur Pispalhas

Winter Solstice

The longest nights of the year return and with them the end of a cycle. Nature and bodies recoil into a process of synthesis. The constellations reveal themselves.

Sonic Piece IV

"Night of the night"

by Artur Pispalhas

These pieces seek to activate a memory of places and landscapes, through abstract sounds, using synthesis and sampling. In the Spring piece words like "green", "fresh" and "yearning" are the motto to create the instruments of an orchestra that wants to awaken the will to go out and search for the sounds that really are. In the Summer piece the motto occurs from words like "insects", "cicadas" and "heat". In the Autumn piece "fall", "moon" and "tides".

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