Coliloquy was an invitation for multiple fields of experience and cross-currents, operating within an immersive event of listening and sonic effects, and affects. It is an invitation to co-inhabit an environment of encounters, where a corporeal cartography and intensive mapping takes place. This environment of encounters occurs through an openness to the unknown, to a process of drifting within navigation. It is to unravel the pleasure of not knowing.
The environment is also drawn by a scale of proximity, of micro perceptions and micro politics, where latency and immanence become the potency of the moment.
Developing a Coliloquy invites audience to participate. At the same time, there is also always a space open for observing and absorbing.


The culmination of a two years masters research in choreography, Coliloquy was an event that celebrates it's closure, following a two-week final residency at DAS Graduate School. It was also a moment for consolidating the research and sharing with the public what was developed.
Final Artistic Residency - DAS Choreography - Sara Anjo
in collaboration with Madalena Manzoni Palmeirim

Nov 2016

© Ana Luísa Valdeira

© Sara Anjo 2018